Moon Shot

Stories of murder in outer space

“There aren’t many anthologies out there that attempt to blend science fiction with murder mysteries, yet this book is a solid example of just how much both genres can enrich one another…. Moon Shot: Murder and Mayhem on the Edge of Space is a fascinating collection of tales that I’d recommend to fans of mysteries and science fiction alike.” – Long and Short Reviews

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I am honored to have a story included here. “At the Corner of Night and Nowhere” was one of those unusual creations that practically spilled out of me. It took about two weeks to write and was the most writing fun I’ve had in a long time.

How it came about: In the Spring of 2013 I was intrigued to hear about a call for submissions that mashed together two of my favorite genres  — science fiction and mystery. Untreed Reads was putting together a collection that would “take these genres into new territory, whether on our planet or another.”

I knew at once that I’d answer the call.

I had the title before I wrote the story. It came to me when my husband and I were visiting family in upstate New York. In the evening, after leaving a restaurant where we’d had dinner, we stopped at a four-way stop in the middle of woods and fields. I think there was a store on the corner. I turned to my husband and remarked, “Here we are, at the corner of night and nowhere.” Somehow, that bloomed into a weird tale of Martian murder.

I’m so proud to be part of this great collection, and I plan to write lots more mash-up sci fi mysteries.