Death Over Easy


A tale of murder, blackmail, and airplanes set on Long Island’s north shore.

“Speed’s fun debut introduces a protagonist with real flair. She cleverly combines a complicated backstory with good banter and a daring conclusion. A nice choice for Deborah Coonts and Janet Evanovich fans.”
Library Journal

Growing up risk-averse in a family of gamblers and aerial daredevils, shy Emma Trace has never quite gotten used to the wild dares of her dad and uncles. On the eve of her thirty-fifth birthday, as she races to win a bet and dodge a flight in her uncle’s aerobatic airplane, the cook at her favorite breakfast spot is found dead in the pancake batter. Police tie the crime to Emma when they find her library card at the scene.

Forced to look for clues to clear her name, Emma becomes the target of a vicious killer when she uncovers an elaborate blackmail scheme involving members of her small community. Using her improv acting skills and insider’s knowledge of the town, Emma and her sidekick LaRue confront a string of sleazy characters as they track down the murderer. And although she’s terrified to fly, Emma knows there may be no other way to prevent further killings and save the life of the man she loves.

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